Kurrent Script – Old German Script

Church books are very often written in Kurrent (Old German Script). At first glance, it looks like a secret code. However, it is not so difficult to read it – all you need is a little practice. Nevertheless, be careful – what looks like an “f” could easily be an “s” 😉!

Here’s how it works:

On this website, there are further tables with variations:http://www.deutsche-kurrentschrift.de/index.php?s=abc_fraktur

The readability is not improved by the fact that some handwritings are really difficult to read. In the beginning, there is certainly a degree of guessing involved, but I promise: It gets better!

And to start your training, here is the first of what I intend to make a series of: the Kurrent challenge! Can you read the following words (easy ones!)?


By the way, I am using a great tool for conversion into Kurrent: http://www.kurrentschrift.net/index.php?s=schreiben

4 thoughts on “Kurrent Script – Old German Script

  1. This handwriting chart is really helpful. I’m having such a hard time figuring out the handwriting. Even my dad can’t figure it out. Do you know of anyone or services that would transcribe (German or English) some record entries?


  2. Hello. My daughter came across your page here. It has been helpful in establishing that a copy of a document that we believe to be about the birth of my grandfather in Poland (1890) taken from a Catholic Church is most probably written in Kurrent. I noted in the entry above that you might have some insights on finding someone to do some transcribing. We would be most interested. Please advise.


  3. Hi Kathryn, thank you for your comment. There are some profissional genealogists who could for sure help you. It depends also on the language, the document is written in. You could also try to identify the letters yourself, one by one, starting with the easier ones. That’s how I started at the beginning. If you write the letters you recognize down on a page, you may be able to guess the rest and then confirm with the alphabet illustrations. Hope that helps, all the best, Julia


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