About me


Hi, my name is Julia Wiesinger.

I live in Austria and have been researching my ancestors for three years. I am extremely fascinated by genealogy, as it links the history of the World with my own history.

It all began when I came across a family tree app. As I entered the names and dates of my grandparents, I suddenly realized how little information I had and how little I knew about them. That got me started, as I am a curious person and I love a challenge!

I had no idea, how much information is already available online and was overwhelmed by the possibilities the internet presented for family research in Austria.

In my blog, I will share information on how genealogical research can be done in Austria and what sources are available. As various sites are in German, I will try to explain the functionalities for Non-German speakers. Further, I will write about Austrian history, to bring family research into context. I also plan to introduce my own research and my ancestors in the blog.

I am looking forward to discussing genealogy in Austria in my blog and I hope, you’ll like it!

(English is not my native language, so I hope you will forgive me for my grammar mistakes and typos.)